Open Access Policy

Entecho journal follows open access policy, in line with the aims and focus of the journal and in line with the European Commission's recommendation (2012/417 / EU). We are convinced that free and unrestricted access to information is crucial to the further development of society, the spread of scientific knowledge and knowledge. Therefore, unless stated otherwise, articles published in the Entecho are licensed under the Creative Commons License. Specify Origin 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

The EC Recommendation from 17th July 2012 on access to and preservation of scientific information (2012/417/EU) says:

(5) Open access policies aim to provide readers with access to peer-reviewed scientific publications and research data free of charge as early as possible in the dissemination process and enable the use and reuse of scientific research results. Such policies should be implemented taking into account the challenge of intellectual property rights.

(6) Policies on open access to scientific research results should apply to all research that receives public funds. Such policies are expected to improve conditions for conducting research by reducing duplication of efforts and by minimising the time spent searching for information and accessing it. This will speed up scientific progress and make it easier to cooperate across and beyond the EU. Such policies will also respond to calls within the scientific community for greater access to scientific information.

Articles in the Entecho journal meet the requirements of the European Commission under Horizon 2020 and the European Research Council

Publishing of the Entecho journal is supported by the Faculty of Environmental Technology of UCT Prague and therefore no article publication fees (APC) are charged.