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The mission of ENTECHO journal (ISSN 2571-1040) is to inform about the results of research or new knowledge in the field of interaction between human activities and the environment. 

ENTECHO is an acronym that covers several possible meanings. For the editorial board, the main meaning in English is ENvironmental-TECHnical Outlook.

ENTECHO journal is focused on the presentation of innovative studies, procedures and methods for assessing the interaction of anthroposphere with biosphere, atmosphere and geosphere. The aim of the journal is to bring current knowledge about the evaluation of the interaction of human society and the environment to (not only) the Czech and Slovak professional public, experts from the field of Environmental Studies, Corporate Responsibility Managers (CSR), EMS Managers and the academic community and to policymakers. This knowledge has to be always based on realistic facts based on "hard" data, regardless of the form of such assessment, a field of study, or direction of influence.

The ENTECHO journal accepts these types of articles:

  • Review of studies - description of conducted environmental studies, familiarization with used data, processing procedures, cut-off criteria and study results
  • Review of methodologies or procedures - presentation and description of the application of existing methodological approaches, evaluation systems and techniques for the implementation of environmental assessments
  • Theoretical Reviews - articles critically evaluating the development of theories used for environmental assessment and the way they are understood in various contexts
  • Thematic reviews - articles focused on partial specific areas used in environmental assessments
  • State-of-art articles - articles focused on summarizing current approaches to addressing environmental assessments, existing or emerging standards (systematic review)
  • Discussion papers - shorter articles introducing new ideas or responses to published articles to bring up a discussion of a specific issue. Each discussion paper must be based on existing literature and published data.

Articles with an overlap of environmental assessments in the sphere of social and economic assessments and articles from students or novice scientists corresponding to the journal's focus are also welcome. The editors will not accept articles that do not match common language and professional standards, as well as articles that do not respect the focus of the journal or do not come from scientific knowledge and facts and articles that are only of an advertising nature.

The articles are published in Czech or Slovak language with English abstract, or in English. All types of articles, with the exception of discussion papers, are subject to peer review by two independent reviewers. Entecho journal adopts single-blind review. The selection of reviewers is provided by the editorial staff of the journal in collaboration with editorial board members according to the focus of the article. Publication of discussion papers is subject to approval by the editorial board.

ENTECHO journal is intended for readers who want to get an opinion on expert topics based on "hard" data and on specific studies or experiments. A number of themes that concern human influences on the environment are being publicly debated today. Different views and assertions are put forward, or different attitudes are advocated in these discussions. However, an inquiring reader could create an objective picture of the problem, due to facts are not always presented. The aim of the editorial board of ENTECHO journal is to publish facts and insights about human influences on the environment based on specific values, dates, and experiments.

In the end, small speciality: what does En Techo mean in Spanish? In the dictionary, we find: en techo = "in the ceiling" or "on the roof". Even this meaning is convenient for Entecho journal. We imagine the roof as a human product that should be solid, functional, durable. And we understand the environment not only as our living space and cradle for everything we need but also as a roof that protects us. We will be glad if our human existence in our environment will not cause to collapse this roof (as the aged Celts feared the collapse of the sky). We would like to promote the sustainable existence of human society through the publication of ENTECHO journal.