Aims and Scope

Journal title: ENTECHO

Publisher: ENTECHO UCT Prague (in cooperation with other institutions)

Journal format: electronic

Frequency of release: half yearly

Aims and Scopus: Journal ENTECHO is focused on the presentation of innovative studies, procedures and methods for assessing the interactions between atmosphere and biosphere. The aim of the journal is to bring Current Findings on Assessing the Interaction between Human Society and the Environment to the Czech and Slovak professionals such Processors of Environmental Studies, Corporate Responsibility Managers (CSR), EMS Managers, Academic Community and Environmental Policy Makers. It is not important the direction of the interactions. Journal published these types of articles:

  • Study review - Description of conducted environmental studies, familiarization with used data, processing procedures, cut-off criteria and study results;
  • Review of methods and techniques - Introduction and description of the application of existing methodological approaches, assessment systems and techniques of environmental assessment;
  • Teoretical review - Articles critically evaluating the development of theories used for environmental assessment and the way they are understood in various contexts;
  • Thematic review - Articles focused on partial specific areas used in environmental assessment;
  • State-of-art articles - Articles focused on summarizing (reviewing) current knowledge to addressing environmental assessments, existing or emerging standards
  • Discussions - Shorter articles focused on introducing new ideas or responses to published articles to engage in a discussion of a specific issue; articles must be based on existing literature.


Articles with an overlap of environmental assessments in the sphere of social and economic assessments. Articles from students and novice scientists corresponding to the journal's focus are also welcome. Editors will not accept articles that are inappropriate for linguistic and professional standards, articles that do not fit the journal's aims and scope, and articles that have only an advertising character.

Articles will be published in the Czech or Slovak language with English abstract and articles in English. All types of articles with the exception of discussion articles will be sent to review two independent reviewers. The ENTECHO journal adopted a single-blind review.  Publication of discussion papers is subject to approval by the editorial board.